MoD loses most of the armed forces

From The Register

The Ministry of Defence and contractor EDS are frantically checking the bins this morning for a missing hard drive containing records of 100,000 servicemen and women and their families.

The case is worrying, even by this government’s cretinous standards, because of potential targetting of people who worked in Northern Ireland or in more recent conflicts. The records also appear to contain enough information to create a fake identity.

The information included bank details and passport numbers of 100,000 servicemen and women. There was also information on 800,000 people who had applied to serve in the armed forces.

Why such a huge amount of data was stored on an unecrypted and portable drive has not been revealed.

The UK government doesn’t have a particularly stellar track record as far as keeping hold of information goes. As noted later in the Register article, this is the sixth such incident this year alone, not to mention the fact that some agencies don’t even need to lose a computer for your data to be insecure; the DVLA, for example, will provide personal details on any car registration for £2.50.

But of course, if you don’t trust them to make an ID database for the entire country, you’re obviously some kind of terrorist…

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