Watching You: a tribute to the Forward Intelligence Team

Found this on YouTube:

Forward Intelligence Teams are groups of police and hired-in photographers deployed to various situations (mostly protests and football games, now also being used to target anti-social behaviour on council estates. Their work involves photographing, following, and collecting information on various members of the public. While this is allegedly done to help identify “troublemakers” for arrest, there is little oversight over the data gathered or the practices used.

Jacqui Smith described the scheme being used on council estates as follows:
“Operation Leopard is exactly the sort of intensive policing that can bring persistent offenders to their senses,” she said. “It creates an environment where those responsible for antisocial behaviour have no room for manoeuvre and nowhere to hide, where the tables are turned on offenders so that those who harass our communities are themselves harried and harassed.”

I wonder; does FIT suddenly no longer count as harassment when the targets are activists rather than youths? Or is Smith admitting that protestors in the UK are “harried and harassed” by the police?

For more information see Fit Watch.


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