Hughes Demands LaRouche Probe

Hughes Demands LaRouche Probe

A leading Liberal Democrat MP is throwing his weight behind the campaign to prove that a Jewish student from London, who died after being struck by a car in Germany, was, in fact, murdered.

Prompted by the mysterious death of Jeremiah Duggan in 2003, Simon Hughes, Shadow Leader of the House of Commons, will travel to Berlin this Friday to attend a forum at the House of Democracy and Human Rights entitled ‘Does the LaRouche Group Present a Danger to Society and a Danger to the Individual?’

According to the parent’s of the late 22-year-old, the notorious right-wing organisation was responsible for their son’s death, an accusation that has so far been brushed aside by German authorities.

While officials claim Jeremiah committed suicide, throwing himself into oncoming traffic on a busy autobahn, the Duggans attest they have forensic evidence to prove otherwise.

On the night of his death, Jeremiah’s mother, Erica, says her son made a frantic phone call home saying he was frightened for his life. She said: “Jeremiah’s hushed voice was of course incredibly familiar and yet unbelievably strange. I have never heard such terror. ‘Mum, I’m in deep trouble.’ He started spelling a word – it later transpired to be Wiesbaden, the place where I now suspect he was murdered – but before he reached “b” the line went dead. That was the last time I spoke to him.”

The LaRouche movement – of which the Schiller Institute is a part – is an international cult based around the teachings of Lyndon LaRouche, a quasi-fascist conspiracy theorist from the US. For more information please consult Freedom of Mind.


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