GOP Site Endorses E-mail Smears, Said ‘Waterboard Obama’

GOP Site Endorses E-mail Smears, Said ‘Waterboard Obama’

The website of a local California Republican party has posted a message openly calling for the torture of Barack Obama, while reporting as fact a slew of long-ago debunked smears targeting the Democratic presidential candidate.

The Sacramento County Republican Party hosted a graphic this week comparing Obama to Osama bin Laden, with the caption “The only difference between Obama and Osama is BS,”The Sacramento Bee reports. The text of the graphic adds, “Waterboard Barack Obama.”

That image was removed Tuesday in response to inquiries from the newspaper, but the site continues to report false claims, quotes and images about Obama, including the assertion that he snubbed troops on a visit to the Middle East, and that he refuses to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

E-mail smears have targeted Obama’s patriotism since his presidential run began, but the Sacramento website appears to be the first case of the smears being openly adopted by an official GOP organization. The attacks come as polling shows voters growing increasingly impatient with the perceived negative tone of Obama rival John McCain’s campaign, following attacks seeking to link Obama to a former 1960’s radical.


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