Greek police clash with strikers

Greek police clash with strikers

ATHENS, Greece (CNN) — Riot police fired tear gas Tuesday to disperse rock-throwing youths amid a nationwide general strike that brought air, rail and ferry traffic to a halt in Greece.
A protester runs for cover after police fire tear gas during a demonstration in central Athens.

The strike over the government’s economic reforms affected both the public and private sector and grounded all flights to and from Greece, forcing the state air carrier, Olympic Airlines, to cancel 75 flights.

The company’s smaller rival, Aegean Airlines, suspended 23 flights, aggravating hundreds of travelers at the country’s main international airport.

The nationwide walkout by millions of workers also crippled urban, rail and sea transport and kept schools, banks and public offices shut. State hospitals and utilities, including the partially privatized OTE telecom company, operated on skeleton staff while journalists staged a media blackout.

Thousands of people marched through Athens in two separate demonstrations, according to The Associated Press.

The first march of 15,000 protesters was calm but AP reported that clashes erupted on the second march between riot police and youths throwing missiles at store windows.

Police responded with tear gas, forcing demonstrators to flee. There were no reports of injuries.


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