Toil and trouble at Halloween bank bail-out protest

Toil and trouble at Halloween bank bail-out protest

GHOULS and goblins descended on Canary Wharf to protest against the Government’s bank bail-out.

Spookily-dressed anti-capitalists gathered to “dance on the grave of capitalism” on Halloween evening, but isolated clashes with police were sparked by the arrest of the event’s head of security.

Protesters attempted to march on the long-time home of Lehman Brothers on 25 Bank Street during the second hour of the event, which saw fancy-dressed denizens of the night mix with socialist activists and students. A human wall of police was set up to block the route from the Jubilee line station at around 6.30pm.

The detention of the security head soon led to other arrests, as officers pressed a small group of males against the wall outside the station. But silence had desended on the area by 7.30pm, as protesters returned to their homes on the tube.

Police and Canary Wharf Security teams had been beefed up after word spread on the internet about a special Halloween event outside 25 Bank Street. Lehman’s bankruptcy in September was seen by many who attended as the spark that lit the fuse of a banking system implosion, which prompted the Government’s £37billion tax-payer funded bail-out last month.


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