Sylvia Brown

Skeptools reports:

As many skeptics know, Robert S. Lancaster has done a huge service to the skeptic community and the world at large by creating the sites Stop Kaz and Stop Sylvia Browne. In August of this year, Robert had a stroke, and has been in the hospital undergoing rehabilitation ever since then.

Unfortunately, it happens that the renewal for the domain name of the Stop Sylvia Browne site came due in the early days when he was in the hospital. This is a fee you must pay every two or three years or so to maintain control of a name like “” on the Internet. Although she was diligently paying the renewal fees for the hosting site itself, his wife missed the notice for the domain name and it expired. This would not be so bad, except someone else noticed this expiration and bought up the rights to the name after it expired. This person has posted a different set of content that is largely credible of psychics in general on the original domain name.

If you do a Google search for Sylvia Browne you will see that Robert’s site is the second result, right below Sylvia Browne’s own web site. This is a fantastic way to get the attention of people who might be considering buying products or services from Browne.

Except now that link no longer goes to Robert’s site. We need to fix this.

Sylvia Brown is a US “psychic” who has, among other things, tied up police forces around the country with her babble, none of which has come to anything remotely useful. She has a habit of making “predictions” which prove to be groundless, and of making wildly vague or astoundingly obvious claims which are later pointed to as “proof” of her abilities.

Put simply, Sylvia Brown is a fraud.


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