Mice Frozen 16 Years Ago “Resurrected” by Cloning

Mice Frozen 16 Years Ago “Resurrected” by Cloning

Using cells from dead mice frozen for 16 years, a team of Japanese geneticists has successfully created healthy clones of the dead animals.

The breakthrough, pave the way for resurrecting extinct animals, such as the woolly mammoth, from frozen remains, experts say.

“We have demonstrated that even frozen animal tissue can be used to produce clones,” said Teruhiko Wakayama, a geneticist at the Riken Center for Developmental Biology in Kobe, Japan.

For their cloning process, Wakayama and his colleagues drew dead brain and blood cells from the frozen mice. The researchers injected the nuclei from the dead cells directly into unfertilized mice eggs, creating embryos.

It’s not known, however, whether nuclei from cells frozen for extended periods of time can be reprogrammed to develop into cloned animals.


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