American politics

On the one hand, I honestly have little hope that Obama will be “better” than McCain.

He should, however, be better than theocrat nutbag Palin.

More importantly, I find right-wingers, conservatives and Republicans generally irritating.

So with that in mind:

On the other hand, Proposition Eight – a measure to ban gay marriage in California – seems to have passed. I plan to write in this in the future but suffice to say, it makes me sad to see so many “Christians” being so evidently threatened by the idea of two people loving each other. 😦


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  1. ozymandiaz on

    In Florida it was propostition #2, a constitutional ammendment called marriage protection
    and I have but this to say
    I am not here to judge

    I would just like to ask

    The sanctity of marriage

    I would now take to task

    To protect the institution

    From homosexuality

    We would make changes

    To its constitutionality

    I just don’t understand

    How someone else’s love

    Can damage your relationship

    With your spouse or lord above

    Religious doctrine you may say

    And to that you have a point

    Though one can get married

    In any notary public’s joint

    And when 50% of first marriages

    End up in divorce

    It seems the institution

    Is already well off course

    So weddings can be done

    By those who are not clergy

    That would seem to negate

    Its ever sacred synergy

    And with divorce rates climbing

    Whilst gays cannot yet wed

    It seems a bit sanctimonious

    To lay that on their heads

    In the end, though, I don’t care

    And I have but this to quarrel

    Is it really the governments place

    To legislate our morals?

  2. Junius on

    Very well put.

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