Jack Chick on Israel: Somebody Angry?

Jack Chick is an American fundamentalist Christian evangelist, most…”popular” for his comics, known as Chick Tracts. Each tract seeks to convey some part of the gospel according to Chick. Unfortunately, he chooses to bypass the peace-and-love aspects of the Bible, preferring to focus on the God-wants-you-to-burn interpretation.

In this tract, Somebody Angry?, Chick addresses the Israeli-Palestinian problem. Some excerpts:

Is that Fang? (Right panel, window on the left)

Chick, on the decline of the British Empire:

Chick, in a curiously Phelps-esque maneuveur (substituting promotion of the gays for “opposition” to Israel), reading recent US history:

Chick, on the prospects for peace in the Middle East:


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