Call for government investigation into targeting of Russian trade unionists

Call for government investigation into targeting of Russian trade unionists

Alexey Etmanov, ITUA co-chairman and chairman of the ITUA primary organisation at Ford enterprise in Vsevolozhsk, Russia, has had two lucky escapes after being targeted by violent assailants in recent weeks. In the first case he was attacked by three thugs armed with brass knuckles but managed to scare them off. Originally believing them to be robbers the next day the deputy chairman of Etmanov’s union, Vladimir Lesik, received a call on his mobile phone and was alerted that the night incident had no relation to a robbery and threatened the union activists. Etmanov and his family have subsequently been threatened.

In a statement regarding the assaults, International Metalworkers’ Federation general secretary Marcello Malentacchi warned of the IMF’s grave concern over “the authorities’ indifference to violations of fundamental human and labour rights and the failure to act promptly and effectively to ensure these rights are fully upheld and protected” and demanded “an immediate, unbiased and transparent investigation into the facts of attacks against trade union leaders Alexei Etmanov, Alexei Gramm and Sergei Bryzgalov, as well as the death threats made to Vladimir Lesik.”

Unite is joining with the IMF to urge letters calling for an immediate and transparent investigation into these attacks to be sent to:

Mr. Chaika Yuriy , General Public Prosecutor of Russian Federation, 125993, Moscow, GSP-3, 15a B. Dimitrovka str. Fax: +7 (495) 692-96-00

Mr. Romanyuk Sergey, Public Prosecutor of Leningrad region, 194044, Saint-Petersburg, av. Lesnoi, str. 20, kor. 12, Fax: +7 812 542 00 15

Mr. Kuznetsov Valeriy , Public Prosecutor of Rostov region, 344082, Rostov region, Rostov-na-Donu, per. Bratskiy, 11, Fax: +7 863 262-45-25

To send solidarity support letters to the ITUA, email:

Find out more and download letters from:

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