Police Raid of Anarchist Event

Police Raid of Anarchist Event

Last night the at the Revolutionary Autonomous Communities fundraiser for the Anarchist Bookfair at the food not bombs warehouse on 6th and Santa Fe was raided by the LAPD. They kicked open the door and unlawfully entered in to the private space.

Joaquin Cienfuegos, a member of RAC and Copwatch LA Guerrilla chapter was targeted by the police and pulled out from the space. When folks inside the space heard what was going on in front they went over to observe and document what was going on. Joaquin asked why he was being detained and they told him to “Shut up” and “Do as he’s told”. He was handcuffed and searched without his permission. While he was being searched Joaquin stated loud and clear that he did not consent to their search and once again asked to please be told why he was being detained.

While i was at the door way observing what they were doing to the comrade outside i could see the the street was blocked off and there were about 12 police cars on 6th street and about 30 or more Deputies/Depupigs. As we tried to get cameras to document what was going on the police rushed the door again and i was pulled outside by 4 police officers. They pushed me against the wall and made me place my hands on top of my head and searched me. I asked the Officer why i was being detained and he said, “A crime had been committed a few blocks away and they were going to bring the victim to identify the person.”

As i was pulled out, the folks inside closed the door to prevent the rush of pigs into the property. They began to kick the door and yell at the folks inside to get out. Not once did they announce themselves as the Police Department or why they were there or wanted folks to exit the show. Police officers were outside making joke;” Do you smell that? i think its weed, we should go inside and find out”, and “This is some kind of illegal rave or show or what do we call it?”. Clearly unable to choose a reason why they were trying to raid the space they made up whatever we want.

After i had been searched, a female officer came over and i asked once again why i was being detained. She stated that this was an illegal gathering and they wanted to figure it all out. Officers were walking all over the front in very confused manner having to be told by other officers to
move out of the way. I could see the shadows on the officers behind me and Joaquin who continued to hold their hands on their weapons while we were handcuffed with our hands behind our backs.


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