Order of Christ~Sophia: Cult or Church?

Order of Christ/Sophia: Cult or Church?

New Haven (WTNH) – Is there a cult climate around one church in New Haven? One woman fears her mother has been lost to a cult in the Elm City.

Theresa Biagiarelli has boxes and boxes of photos her mother took of her. And that’s not all.

“My little photo album. Her photo album her father made for her. All our family things. And all of her clothes.”

She has them, because her mother Julia got rid of them.

“She brought it to my aunts house and just left it there,” she said.

“It made me feel terrible to know my mother didn’t want to have any pictures of me as a baby anymore.”
“Did you question ‘what did I do?'”
“At that point it was more like what did they do.”

They are the Order of Christ~Sophia or the Center of Light. The group has chapters across the U.S. including New Haven at an unassuming building on Grand Avenue, where some members, including Theresa’s mother Julia, live.

Reverend Michael runs the group locally and says no one, including Theresa’s mother, is a prisoner here.

“People are free to come and go. Julia has an apartment here in the building as I do,” Reverend Michael said.

They call themselves Christian Mystics, but some experts on mind control like Steve Hassan, call them “a destructive mind control cult where dependence and obedience is demanded.”

For more information:

Official website
OCS at freedomofmind.org

For what it’s worth, while cults are a very real problem, I tend to avoid terms such as “mind control” when writing about them as they are worse than meaningless.


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  1. TG on

    Watch out for this organization. They manage to alienate my sister from our family so that her only non-church related relationship was with her husband. They then drove a wedge into her marriage that ended in divorce. With nobody left to turn to for support her only relationships are now wrapped in the church.
    They use past wrongs… real, imagined and exagerated.. to seperate the church member from family and friends.

  2. Michael Maciel on

    For more information on the Order of Christ Sophia, go to http://www.mylifeintheocs.com.

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