Heat rises over UK’s web map of fascists

Heat rises over UK’s web map of fascists

Right-wing extremists across Britain are bracing for violent repercussions after the British National Party’s entire membership list was leaked on the internet.

And tech-savvy web users plotted members’ addresses in red on a Google Map.

BNP leader Nick Griffin says the leak was an act of treachery by a disgruntled former BNP official, who may face jail time.

Ironically, the BNP is relying on Britain’s Human Rights Act, which it opposes, to protect the privacy of its members.

The list, which is freely available on BitTorrent sites such as thepiratebay.org despite a court injunction, includes names, phone numbers, ages and home and email addresses of more than 10,000 BNP members, including children.

It also contains hobbies and occupations, leading to the identification of a number of police, school teachers, clergymen and government employees who secretly supported the organisation. Their names were marked with “discretion requested”.


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