Moonie peace group to hold biggest UK event

Moonie peace group to hold biggest UK event

A peace group involved with the controversial Unification Church, who are often given the name of Moonies, is tomorrow staging its biggest ever event in Britain.

Anti-cult activists fear it could mark a British renaissance for the group, which experienced a growth in numbers during the 1970s and 80s.

The Global Peace Festival, at the Excel Centre in the London docklands, is expected to attract thousands of activists from across Europe and features addresses from Preston Moon, the third son of the church’s founder, and Tom Brake, the Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman.

Carrying the slogan of “One family under god”, the event has performances from diverse acts such as the Royal Philharmonic Ensemble and the Muslim singer Dawud Wharnsby.

There are also workshops on family, marriage and the environment. The morning session is exclusively for members of Ambassadors for Peace, a global network with its roots in the Unification Church.

The Universal Peace Federation, formerly known as the Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace, which has Moon as its founder, is organising tomorrow’s festival.


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  1. C. Valenta on

    it all sounds wonderful, and in fact it was a great event-I was there. So what do ‘anti-cult activists’ actually fear? That somebody might really bring about some positive change?.At least that’s a bit more inspiring than pulling down honest effort!!!

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