More on the BNP in Liverpool

Twelve members of the British National Party were recently arrested in Liverpool for distributing racist material. The case sparked a great deal of attention around the country.

Yesterday it became known that no charges would be filed against the arrested men. In the meantime, protests took place in the town, with supporters of the BNP clashing with anti-racist campaigners:

THREE men were arrested for public order offences during two opposing marches which took place in the city today.

Hundreds of people took part in British National Party and anti-racism marches in the city centre.
There was a huge police presence throughout the day as BNP supporters and their opponents took to the streets of Liverpool.
Three men, a 20-year-old from Prenton, a 22-year-old from Wallasey and a 32-year-old from Liverpool, were arrested.
Nick Griffin, BNP chairman, flanked by at least six burly bodyguards, made a speech to a crowd of hundreds on the steps of St George’s Hall at lunchtime.
The two groups were kept apart by Merseyside Police officers on foot, on horseback and in CCTV vans.


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