BNP names put up in York street

While Liverpool faces protests and police action, York has seen fallout from the BNP membership leak:

NAMES of members of the British National Party (BNP) have been pinned to a noticeboard in a York street – leading to fears they could be exposed to attacks.

Following the internet leaking of a list containing the personal details of the controversial far-right organisation’s supporters – including their addresses, phone numbers and jobs – police are investigating how the information was made public.

Now fresh concerns have been raised about the security of its 68 members in York and North Yorkshire, whose identities were included on the list, after a copy of it was placed on a City of York Council noticeboard, near the Pack Of Cards pub in Lindsey Avenue.

It was ripped down soon afterwards, but the BNP has branded it as another example of victimisation of its members.

Following the data leak, The Press revealed how a prison officer – now being investigated by the Prison Service – a former civil servant, a professional actor, a business manager, a nurse and two ex-servicemen were among those whose names appeared on the list.

And days later, we also reported how pictures of several of the party’s members in the region had been posted on the internet.


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