GOP snubs elected son of ex-KKK wizard

GOP snubs elected son of ex-KKK wizard

WEST PALM BEACH -The son of a former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard is vowing a legal challenge after the Palm Beach County Republican Party refused Wednesday night to recognize his election to a local party post.

Derek Black, 19, won a little-noticed election for one of 111 county Republican Executive Committee seats in August. But the party called the election invalid because Black hadn’t signed the Republican Party of Florida’s loyalty oath before a June deadline.

Nine other would-be county GOP committee members were also disqualified for failing to sign the oath.

On a night when new committee members were sworn in, Black showed up at the meeting in a dark suit and tie with his long reddish hair flowing from beneath a black hat. One committee member suggested before the meeting that he remove the hat. Black didn’t.

The son of former Klan Grand Wizard Don Black and a “close family friend” of former Klan Grand Wizard David Duke, Derek Black approached county Republican Chairman Sid Dinerstein while Dinerstein was giving a television interview before the meeting and began debating the party’s enforcement of the oath requirement.


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