BNP expects more arrests over leaked membership list

BNP expects more arrests over leaked membership list

A COUNCILLOR who was kicked out of the BNP has been arrested in connection with the leaking of the party’s membership list.

The Post understands Sadie Graham was one of two people arrested by Notts Police officers on Thursday.

A BNP spokesman has said he expects more arrests to be made in connection with the unauthorised publication of the list last month. NOv

Simon Darby, press officer and member of the BNP, said: “News of the arrests was good because right from the onset we were under the impression that the police were taking it very seriously and were going to do something about it.

“I’m pleased because this is just the start. We expect other arrests as well.
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“What people don’t understand is that anybody that has been using the list, even newspapers, have been committing a criminal offence.”

He added: “It is a shocking thing to do to publish the list.

“It’s caused a lot of needless worry, anxiety and upset.

“We have had our privacy violated and published everywhere. We want justice for our members.”

A police car with an officer inside was parked outside Ms Graham’s home in Church Lane, Brinsley, last night.

Police were today sifting through boxes of evidence seized from her home.

Officers packed the boxes from Graham’s terraced house into unmarked cars before leaving with a woman.

Coun Graham, now an independent nationalist at Broxtowe Borough Council, was dropped from the BNP in December last year.


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