Greece is burning

Recently a 15 year old boy was shot and killed during a confrontation with police in Greece. In retaliation, cities around the country have seen intense levels of rioting. A report on Indymedia describes the situation:

The day after the murder of the 16yo by the police and after a night of spontaneous demonstrations and fights with the police in various cities; a series of more organized demonstrations took place today. Thousands of people filled with rage and despair took the streets all over the country. Here are some brief reports.

Athens: The demonstration started at 2.30pm, numbered up to 10,000 people and was very powerful. On the way to the police headquarter, numerous banks, governmental buildings, car dealers and fancy cars were attacked and destroyed and some were set on fire. When the demo came near the police headquarter, the road was blocked by riot police and the heavy fights started. The police used huge amounts of tear gas and that you could smell from miles away and the demonstration broke in smaller parts. The cops were running after some small groups. Others stayed and fought back. The part that managed to reach the police headquarter was brutally attacked by the cops, that was around 5pm. From that point on many of the small or bigger groups were fighting the cops in the alleys and head to the universities. 2 more police stations were attacked with rocks and petrol bombs. Fights with the police were taking place on and off around the 3 major universities in downtown athens until midnight while police (plain, riot and undercover cops) are everywhere. There are many people arrested (exact number not known yet) and many people hurt by the cops. Witnesses say that people were beaten up by the cops after being arrested and handcuffed.

Thessaloniki: The demonstration numbered around 2000 people and on its way 2 police stations were attacked with rocks and petrol bombs. Banks and a ministry were also attacked. There were fights on many occasions, during and after the demonstration. After a point the fights were taking place around the university and kept going for a long time. The police used tear gas and also fired rubber bullets and hit a demonstrator and had to hospitalized.

Volos: The demonstration was heading to the central police station when it found the street blocked by the riot police. Fights broke out and stones and other things were thrown to the cops. The police fired tear gas and the demonstration broke in two. Around 15 banks were smashed.

Patras: The demonstration head to the central police station were the riot cops were waiting. Fights started, rocks were thrown to the cops which threw tear gas in return and garbage cans were set on fire. A car near the police station was set on fire. Banks were also attacked and had their windows smashed. 5 people were arrested.

Meanwhile in London protestors occupied the Greek embassy and set light to the flag in solidarity (more photos here. Solidarity actions have taken place in a number of other areas around the world.

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