Greece: strikes, violence and solidarity

Greece has today seen a national general strike in protest of the government’s economic policy, the recent shooting of a 15 year old boy by police, and a number of other grievances. The BBC reports:

Thousands of people have marched through the Greek capital, Athens, for a one-day general strike in protest at the government’s economic policies.

Flights in and out of Athens airport have been cancelled, and public transport has been badly disrupted.

The industrial action was planned weeks ago but follows days of riots sparked by the police shooting of a teenager.

Meanwhile in Patras, fascists attacked a demonstration with petrol bombs, knives and bats. Photos circulated on a variety of websites appear to show armed fascists mingling with police prior to the attack.

Meanwhile, solidarity actions have been called around the world, including Glasgow, Paris, Den Haag and Dublin. Meanwhile, yesterday saw the funeral of Alexis Grigoropoulos, the boy shot dead by police. Riot police appeared at the funeral, leading to clashes including the use of tear gas.

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