Police to investigate Greek embassy incident

Police to investigate Greek embassy incident

The NUJ has welcomed a commitment by the Metropolitan police to investigate an incident on Monday in which journalists were obstructed in their work.

Journalists have complained about their treatment whilst covering a demonstration outside the Greek embassy on Monday.

Press Gazette has now reported that the police are set to investigate the conduct of one officer who was caught on camera obstructing journalists in their work.

According to the Press Gazette website the Metropolitan Police has committed to investigate the conduct of the officer featured in the above video clip.

Responding to news of the investigation, NUJ Legal Officer Roy Mincoff said: “We welcome the police’s rapid response to this incident and hope it indicates a change in attitude by the police in dealing with complaints from the media.

“Police officers must understand that they have a responsibility to the press and cannot obstruct journalists in their lawful work. A signal from the top is needed to show that the this type of behaviour will not be tolerated.

“We wait with interest to see the result of the inquiry and offer our full cooperation on the investigation.”

A video of the incident is in the article itself.

The NUJ recently released a short film entitled Press Freedom: Collateral Damage which examined restrictions placed on journalists covering protests in the UK, and also showed the work of the Forward Intelligence Teams (FIT).


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