Kingsnorth Police Criticised Over Cost Shock!

A police officer takes a look at recent news related to the Kingsnorth climate camp:

Kingsnorth Police Criticised Over Cost Shock!

One of the most bewildering pieces of police nonsense from 2008 was my participation in Operation Overkill at Kingsnorth in Kent. Ruralshire Constabulary, along with twenty three other forces, were persuaded to send officers for mutual aid to police about ten rain soaked, bedraggled vegans in a muddy field. Literally thousands of us descended onto the peninsular and acted like some kind of Eastern Bloc Policing Re-enactment society for a couple of weeks in August.

We were amused by the usual policing nonsense like being issued suncream even though we were on night duty, being given maps of Essex when we were in Kent and getting shouted at for sneeking around the portable stables to feed the police horses with contraband apples.

At the time, I wrote about how good the facilities and organisation were, now we know why. It cost a staggering £6 million for two weeks. My own PSU probably accounted for a good £1/2 million of that in hot food and drinks, five star university accomodation (how ironic since most of the protesters were students) and fuel for our ageing and high-consumption vans as we drove endlessly around the area looking for a Communist insurrection.


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