Alternative health capital turns its ‘negative energy’ on pioneering wi-fi system

Alternative health capital turns its ‘negative energy’ on pioneering wi-fi system

But now the residents of Glastonbury, which has long been a favoured destination for pilgrims, are at the centre of a bitter row in which many blame the town’s new wireless computer network – known as wi-fi – for a spate of health problems.

Some healers even hold that electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) generated by the wi-fi system are responsible for upsetting positive energy fields of the body, which are known as chakras, and positive energy fields of the earth, which are known as ley lines.

There are now calls for the project, the first of its kind in Britain, to be “unplugged” and for wi-fi masts in the centre of the Somerset market town to be removed just seven months into its experimental run.

Meanwhile soothsayers, astrologers and other opponents of the wi-fi system have resorted to an alternative technology – known as “orgone” – to combat the alleged negative effects of the high-tech system.


Edit: Counterknowledge’s take on the situation pretty much says it all:

Back in October, reported that a team of academics, engineers and medical professionals had published a paper entitled Sense about Science: Making sense of Radiation. The Sense about Science team, which included an Imperial College lecturer, an NHS consultant physicist and an OBE-winning Professor of Physics, came to the conclusion that “current research does not show that EMFs from mobile phones, masts and Wi-Fi cause harmful effects.”

One highlight, a quotation from Dr Eric de Silva of Imperial College London, states: “Someone sitting in a Wi-Fi ‘hotspot’ for a whole year, according to the Health Protection Agency, would be exposed to the equivalent radiation dose of a 20-minute call on a mobile phone, which studies have shown does not cause harm.” Another Doctor – this time Dr Stephen Keevil, Consultant Physicist in MRI, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust – says:

Receiving misleading information causes unnecessary anxiety among people who genuinely believe, for example, that their (real) symptoms are due to EMF exposure and that this is being ignored by the Authorities. Pedalling misleading information is a cynical means for unscrupulous charlatans to make money from these people. All of this contributes to public mistrust of science and scientists.

Quite so.

As for “orgone,” information on it can be found at the following:


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