Indymedia UK Administrators: veiled anti-Semitism fine, criticism of Indymedia unacceptable

Yesterday I wrote an article on this blog entitled Anti-Semites take advantage of Indymedia UK. In it, I pointed out that the Indymedia UK newswire currently lists an article, Barack Obama: “America’s First Jewish President”, which contains worrying allusions and references to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories -specifically that “The Jews” control the media, political and financial establishments and have used their control of these things to orchestrate American politics from behind the scenes. Articles such as this are a common tool of anti-Semites and fascists looking to hijack the Palestinian cause to promote their own form of bigotry.

I wish to make this clear, again: criticism of Israel, pro-Israel lobbyists, individual Jews and Jewish groups do not constitute anti-Semitism. However, when this is extended to “the Jews” in general, described in classical anti-Semitic terms, and coupled with comments about “the Jews” which have nothing whatsoever to do with Palestine – as is the case with the original article in question – I think the concern is valid.

This morning, having found that the Indymedia article in question remained visible over fourty-eight hours after posting – in spite of its being pointed out to IMC administrators – I chose to post my article to Indymedia in the hopes that it could help promote debate and discussion, particularly in light of former incidents of a similar nature.

My article has now been removed from the newswire, around four hours after first posting.

Veiled anti-Semitism: still visible two days after posting with no sign of removal or even discussion.
Criticism of Indymedia: removed after four hours.

I, for one, would like an explanation.


2 comments so far

  1. loppy on

    you not the only one to have notice this from Indymedia… independent it is not..

  2. Junius on

    Indymedia has never claimed to be independent in the sense of being without bias (a fact made clear in their mission statement: )

    Unfortunately the open publishing nature of the site allows conspiracy theories and (somewhat) cloaked anti-Semitism through.

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