Solidarity with Palestine

This week has seen an overwhelming display of force on the part of the Israeli government, with attacks on Gaza leaving hundreds dead and thousands more wounded.

This week has also seen a spate of demonstrations around the UK against the attacks. Protests have taken or will take place in Sheffield, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Nottingham.

In Brighton, demonstrators will converge on a factory of EDO MBM, an arms company which provides weapons components to the Israeli army.

In London, demonstrators protested at the Israeli embassy, leading to clashes with police and a number of arrests (more coverag

The International Federation of Journalists has condemned a deliberate Israeli strike on a TV station based in Gaza.

Meanwhile, a group of Turkish hackers have taken down a number of Israeli websites.

(Thanks to a commentor for clarification on the last point.)


2 comments so far

  1. nadavshaaltiel on

    those are not government web sites but commercial

  2. Junius on

    So they are – thanks for the clarification

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