Prisoner of Palestine – Seize the Day

Lyrics here.


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  1. ourkev on

    That tatoo on your granny’s forearm doesn’t tell it

    Old maps of locomotive tracks
    cannot convince.

    And though I pictured chimney stacks I’ll never smell it

    Or taste the anguish of the ones who got away

    Your lover died..
    But you survived

    To dream a place that would be safe for all your kind

    Then you awoke to find that Zion was a nightmare

    And your’re a prisoner, a prisoner of time…
    …In Palestine

    Between the golden beaches and the river Jordan
    The desert garden that they call the holy land
    Well if you spoke to Jesus Moses or Mohammed
    This isn’t quite the paradise that they had planned

    How did this promised land of flowing milk and honey-

    Where 3 religions knelt before one living God

    Become a place where flowing blood and foreign money
    Oil the tank-tracks where the gentle prophets trod?

    Before they launched the jihad on the unbelievers
    Before they put the seed of Ismael to the knife
    Before the massacre of Sabra and shatiah!
    Before crusaders killed your kids and raped your wife..

    The God of love
    was high about
    But here on earth the gods of hate were doing fine
    And if you cannot yet forgive them nor forget them!

    Your’re still a prisoner, a prisoner of time…
    …In Palestine

    A family farm that fed us for three generations
    Apparently was someone else’s before that
    And now somebody from a European nation

    says someone else’s great grandchildren want it back!

    So I must live beyond an artificial border
    With neighbours who prefer that I did not exist

    They stole my olive orchard and then they stole the water

    And whan I struggle with them, I’m the terrorist!
    I had a baby but the bullet killed it
    I had a job but now they’re cutting off the town
    I had a dream but every time I try to build it
    somebody else comes with a tank and knocks it down..

    A young man cries,
    a suicide

    A jewish bride and bridegroom bleeding where they died

    And if you say they’re not much better than the Nazi’s

    Your’re still a prisoner, a prisoner of time…
    ..In Palestine…

    And if you thought that it was all about the bible,
    with the history of a thousand years or two

    It’s very nice to know you’re in the choosen people

    ‘Till you discover why it is they’ve choosen you!

    To be a scapgoat when the rich demand a cutback!

    the one to blame when people cannot get enough!

    And when it’s not P.C. to use you for a punch-bag!
    They’ll very kindly let you be their boxing glove..

    And so some jews go off to kick the palestinians

    Becasue the rest of us have beaten up the jews

    and for those oil-ship dictators it’s convenient
    that they’ve an enemy in Israel to use

    So long as Abraham’s desendants are divided

    So long as we between them build together walls

    So long as camouflage and cover are provided


    The preying presidents,
    who heat the seed of power

    The fossil-traders who pollute the corridors

    The road of corpses laid from Tel Aviv to Basra!

    To keep the pressure on that petrol pump of ours!

    A fresh excuse
    for each abuse

    of terror and of counter-terror in our time

    How shall we change the climate globally for freedom

    While there are prisoners,
    of poverty and crime…
    ..In Palestine…


    Hup hup hup hup

    Those palestinians, they are my people!

    A people cornered in a hell they didn’t choose

    Why will I not support their fight for liberation
    so they can live in dignity without abuse!

    Those Israelis!
    They are my people!

    A people with a history they could not control

    How will I not support their right to be a nation?

    And hold a homeland open for the jewish soul?

    The Son of David, in his armour plated Zion

    Goliath’s daughter
    reaching for another skull

    They’re gonna need a bit of help to tame the lion!
    It isn’t fair to leave them struggling there alone..

    The God of love
    may be above
    But here on earth is where we make the love divine

    And when we see how each is captive to the other

    We’ll free the prisoners
    and family of mine
    In Palestine

    Shalom Shalom Shalom

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