50 Years For The UK SHAC 7

50 Years For The UK SHAC 7

On Wednesday 21st January, seven activists from the campaign Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) were sentenced to a total of fifty years in prison, after they were found guilty in December 2008 of ‘conspiracy to blackmail’ Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). Heather Nicholson was jailed for 11 years, Gregg and Natasha Avery sentenced to nine years each, Gavin Medd-Hall an eight-year prison sentence, Daniel Wadham jailed for five years, Dan Amos and another were both sentenced to four years in prison.

“They conspired to do A B and C … with Persons or Persons Unknown.” – Who were persons unknown? It really didn’t matter, as the above conspiracy law linked the individuals even though they had never met them or talked to them. However, this was all ignored as the media falsely charged the activists with hypocrisy, extremism and terrorism, instead of acknowledging their own hypocritical standpoint, best portrayed by the Telegraph, with NETCU helping to further the hysteria following the activists guilty verdicts.

This secured no opportunity for discussing the reasons the activists faced jail in the first place, because they opposed the fradulant and abusive vivisection industry, instead promoting alternative, reliable research methods. So on the 19th, 20th and 21st, there were solidarity actions in Moscow, London, Luton, Birmingham, Southampton and at HLS sites, suppliers, Harlan and Sequani labs in the UK. The protests were in support of the UK SHAC 7, with Russian activists also acting in support of the SHAC 7 in the USA.


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