Anarchist activists killed in Moscow

Anarchist activists killed in Moscow

On 19.01.2009 two activists were killed. One of them, Stanislaw Markelow was a famous political lawyer. The other victim is Anastasia Barburowa, journalist, who was walking togeter with Markelow. They were both murdered in the centre of Moscow, shoot on the heads, probably by a professional killer.
Markelow was an active member of anarchistic and ecological movement in the 90ties. He became a lawyer and was propably the most controversial of russian lawyers. He defended many people, like anachirsts and victims of war in Czeczenia. He was also a lawyer of Anna Politkowska.
The murder might be connected with the famous case of Juri Budanov. In march 2000 Budanov raped and killed an 18years old czeczenian girl Elza Kungajeva. Markelov was the lawyer of her family. Budanov left the jail 4 days ago.
Anastasia was taking part in many actions and she was an anti-represion activist. She was working in AD organisation too. Last time she took part in defending of student hostel, where many people from Caucasian countries. She was present at ecological camp in Sasov, ESF and anticapitalist festival.
She died when she tried to safe Markelov.

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