Rep. Hoskins to speak at Scientology anti-psychiatry exhibit

Rep. Hoskins to speak at Scientology anti-psychiatry exhibit

Rep. Ted Hoskins, a Democrat from Berkeley, will speak at an anti-psychiatry exhibit sponsored by a group affiliated with the Church of Scientology.

Hoskins will introduce “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death” at the Jamestown Mall in Florissant on Saturday afternoon.

The touring exhibit, which made an appearance earlier this week in the Capitol rotunda in Jefferson City, has been put together by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, which was founded by Scientologists to further the group’s views on psychiatry.

Like Scientologists, the Citizens Commission believes that psychiatry is inflicting broad damage on American minds and bodies.

The exhibit, modeled after a museum in Los Angeles, features panels “depicting human rights abuses by psychiatry and carry statements from health professionals, academics, legal and human rights experts, and victims of psychiatric brutalities.”

The above does not quite do justice to Scientology’s pathological hatred of psychiatry in general, and psychiatric medication in particular.

Many trace the cult’s obsession with psychiatry back to the publishing of its founding text, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health (now published with a Xenu-tastic volcano cover.) Shortly after its publication, psychiatric groups in the US and elsewhere advised against the use of its techniques, describing them as potentially harmful. Lafayette Ron Hubbard (Scientology’s founder, LRH to the in-crowd) came to see psychiatrists as the centre of a sinister conspiracy to hold back Dianetics and attack him personally.

A 1969 essay by Hubbard, entitled Crime and Psychiatry, sets out his views:

Crimes of extortion, mayhem and murder are done daily by these men in the name of “practice” and “treatment.” There is not one institutional psychiatrist alive who, by ordinary criminal law, could not be arraigned and convicted of extortion, mayhem and murder. Our files are full of evidence on them.

That same year, Scientologists attempted to infiltrate the National Association for Mental Health (now Mind), hoping to divert it into an anti-psychiatry direction by swamping it with numbers. The plan was identified and the Scientologists expelled from the organisation; they went on to sue the NAMH on discrimination grounds (and lost). The story of Scientology and the NAMH can be found in the book Believe What You Like (full text) by C H Rolph.

Perhaps inevitably, Hubbard’s views on psychiatry form part of Scientology’s doctrines, forming a somewhat bizarre mash-up with both space opera and LRH’s pseudo-scientific jargon.

On reaching Operating Thetan Level Three (OT3), the initiate is given a terrible secret – the famous story of Xenu, a galactic dictator with a volcano fetish. Xenu was, according to Hubbard, directed by psychiatrists to do his evil deed, transporting billions of people to Earth only to arrange them around volcanoes and blow them up with hydrogen bombs.

Likewise, in his lecture “Aberration and the sixth dynamic,” Hubbard stated:

So here we sit today with a total solution, really a total solution on brainwashing; it couldn’t be easier. Electric shock is very bad brainwashing, very poor. Hasn’t really even been used in space opera for years. Ah, it’s two or three million years, hasn’t been used to amount to anything. I mean, it’s just passé. You know, old fashioned.

But the modern commie psychiatrist here on Earth is not even able to get up to a passé type of electric shock. There are ways of using electric shock which are very injurious indeed. I mean, you can really give somebody hell with an electric shock. But the best way to use an electric shock is to nip him, you know? Exteriorize, and get so you can generate that much power, and just shoot a beam through somebody’s head and give him a stroke. But if you can do that, you don’t. It’s fascinating. Pretty well safeguarded.

The mechanism of brainwashing which I gave you, with supercold mechanisms and so forth, is very well known, was used very extensively in the Maw Confederation of the Sixty-third Galaxy. They had a total psychiatric control of all of their officers and executives, and when they got tired of them they used this specific method of brainwashing. It was the ne plus ultra. The track saw no better. It was the end of all brainwashing. And it was so effective that somebody after a while used it thoroughly upon this particular crew of psychiatrists, and that was the end of the practice.

Today, Scientology’s fight against psychiatry is primarily carried out through its front group, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, and the Psychiatry: an Industry of Death exhibit, which tours the world promoting the cult’s message. It claims psychiatry to be responsible for a vast number of the world’s ills, including both world wars and, most odiously, the Holocaust:

It is cold, hard documented fact that German psychiatrists devised the “scientific” justification for euthanasia before World War II, before even Hitler came to power. It is also a documented fact that they established the gas chambers and killing centers in the concentration camps and trained and apprenticed others on how to kill. This is documented from psychiatry’s own words and documents.

More recently, Scientology has got in on the 9/11 conspiracy fad, claiming that a sinister network of psychiatrists was secretly behind the attacks.

Psychiatry, like any other field of human endeavour, is not immune from corruption, nor exempt from criticism. Similarly, many of the concerns raised by Scientology and the CCHR appeal to peoples’ very real concerns over the use of psychiatric medication. However, Scientology’s approach is based not in a desire to help, but instead to utterly destroy psychiatry, with Dianetics as its replacement as the authority on the mind. In a sense it may be understood as a form of religious fanaticism, similar in some ways to anti-abortion extremism.

Or, as other commentors have described it, a hate group.

Either way, why any politician would want to publicly cosy up to these folks is something of a mystery.

In closing, the following video – taken from a Scientology event and starring cult supremo David Miscavige – gives an insider’s perspective on Scientology’s holy war. Note the use of violent – and explicitly apocalyptic – language and imagery.

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  1. craig batley on mk-ultra perpetrators
    Scientology is not a hate group. Wake-up.
    The world is not flat…;)

  2. Flowercat on

    No, Scientology is not a hate group.

    It is a dangerous mind-control cult that destroys lives and families.

    • craig batley on

      Scn. gets the shit end of the stick.. Just read Dianetics.
      http://www.theriseofthefourthreich has the goods on the whole mess we have been talking about for fifty years.
      Big pharma and the Psychs are not the good guys.

  3. Junius on

    Welcome to both of the above visitors :-).

    Re: hate group – while saying Scientology *is* a hate group may be a little hyperbolic, it certainly behaves like one in its approach to psychiatry. The vindictiveness, aggression, lies, generalisations and fanaticism with which it attacks psychiatry and psychiatrists owe a lot more to hate campaigns than any human rights group I’ve ever encountered.

    Craig – should I take it from your comment that you are a Scientologist? If so (or if not), would you mind elaborating on your views of psychiatry?

    • craig batley on

      Yep for thirty years. hunt me down on face book craig leonard batley
      http://www.theriseofthefourthreich by jim marrs will answer your questions about the Psychs and big Pharma.
      Everything you know is a lie.
      Merry Christmas

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