On second thought, Hoskins backs out of Scientologist exhibit

As reported last week, Rep. Ted Hoskins had been confirmed as speaking at an exhibition by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights entitled “Pyschiatry: an Industry of Death.” The CCHR is a front group for notorious cult the Church of Scientology and promotes a variety of bizarre claims and conspiracy theories, blaming psychiatrists for a wide range of ills, torture and abuses, most notoriously the Holocaust and the 11th September terrorist attacks.

Hoskins has now backed out of the exhibit, claiming to have been misled:

Hoskins agreed to speak at the exhibit last week, when he saw a portion of the display at the Capitol rotunda in Jefferson City.

Hoskins said he thought the group was crusading only against teachers giving students behavioral drugs like Ritalin without prescriptions.

“When they told me they were a human rights organization dealing with students,” Hoskins said, “they never told me that they came out of the Church of Scientology.”

After learning about the group’s ties — and that they believe psychiatry is responsible for the torture and deaths of numerous individuals — Hoskins called the organizer and canceled his plans to speak at the exhibit Saturday.

“They misled me,” Hoskins said.

How could it be that an organisation with such clearly correct “tech” seems to fail so completely at every turn, forced to rely on misleading people to create some illusion of significance?

That’s rather downstat, my friends. For shame.


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