San Francisco Bay Area IWW statement on Oscar Grant (executed by BART police)

San Francisco Bay Area IWW statement on Oscar Grant (executed by BART police)

Police StateThe cameraphone videos which have surfaced on YouTube seem like a scene out of some futuristic movie. But the cold-blooded murder is all-too real, and is one more tragic body in the capitalist carnage that is already hundreds of years old.
Police brutality and racism are just as much parts of capitalism as the real estate brutality that we are all facing. The ruthlessness and seeming irrationality of the BART murder is no different that that of a broker who evicts a family that can’t pay their mortgage. Capitalism is the only social system that sees overproduction as a problem — when too many people have homes, they must be evicted until houses become profitable again. It is the same with us the workers, who have to sell our labor to live and can only live as long as we can sell our labor. Capitalism has always seen us, not as human beings, but just as one more thing to be bought and sold. This is why it has been starving the workers, especially those from ethnic minorities, in all the industrial cities of America for the last thirty years. It is the same kind of “market adjustment” that is happening with houses right now. They are both done with the same ruthlessness and they both require armed thugs called police.


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