Stanislav Markelov and anarchists

Stanislav Markelov and anarchists

Stanislav Markelov, shot in Moscow by an assassin 19th of January 2009, was not an anarchist. He defined himself as a “Martovian social-democrat”, after Yuliy Martov, leader of pre-revolutionary Menshevik fraction of social-democrat movement. In more contemporary terms, he was a left-wing social democrat.

But Stas had friends in about any fraction of Russian socialists, reformers and revolutionaries. He had an encyclopedic knowledge on history of the revolutionary movement of Russia, which was a huge inspiration for him, and he could lecture for hours on groups such as nihilists or narodniks anytime. Stas was interest on history of political red cross (which still today remains as anarchist black cross), and he considered lawyers who defended narodniks and esers in tsarist times his prececents, and eventually he became first lawyer to defend left-wing “terrorists”, accused by the new Russian state. In all cases he did during 1990’s and early years of this decade, he managed to dismiss terrorist charges and eventually if defendants got sentenced, they got sentenced for lesser charges.

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