Verdict on Slough election fraud trial

Verdict on Slough election fraud trial

A former deputy mayor accused of vote rigging walked free from court yesterday after a jury failed to reach a verdict after nearly eight hours.
Tory Mohammad Aziz was cleared of conspiracy to defraud after the prosecution said it was not in the public interest to proceed to a retrial. Judge Gordon Risius formally entered a not guilty verdict on the 49-year-old at the end of a three-week trial.

Mr Aziz’s nephew, Yasar Mumtaz, 19, was cleared of charges.

Three co-defendants were convicted of creating an electoral scam to oust long-serving Labour councillor Lydia Simmons and replace her with Tory candidate Eshaq Khan at Slough Borough Council elections in 2007.

Altaf Khan, 30, of Knolton Way, Slough, and Arshad Raja, 52, of Broadmark Road, Slough, were both found guilty of personation.
Mahboob Khan, 46, of Quinbrookes, Slough, was found guilty of conspiracy to defraud; conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and perjury.



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