Workers told to ‘think long and hard’ over union ballot

A better title would, perhaps, be “Autologic threatens workers with redundancy in anti-union move.”

Workers at a Northampton car firm have been warned to “think long and hard” about their futures as part of a battle between the company and the unions.

Drivers of car transporters who work for the Grange Park firm Autologic were sent a two-page letter earlier this month calling for union members to vote for de-recognition of the Unite union within the firm.

The letter, from the firm’s human resources director, Bernard Brown, has prompted a warning of possible industrial action.

It told workers: “You must decide what it is you want. We will not be able to offer job security and good futures unless existing practices are changed and the trade union stranglehold on this company is removed.

“The last thing we want to do is get into yet another punitive round of compulsory redundancies which in the event would dig deeper than ever before into remaining driver numbers and will not include enhanced terms, but if we do not get the changes we need we will have no alternative.”

The letter added: “The ballot choice is yours, but think long and hard about the economic climate outside of Autologic.

“Think long and hard about the lack of jobs available outside if you decide against de-recognition.

“Think long and hard about how you will continue caring and looking after your families and your dependents with no job.”


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