“Psychologically twisted, politically useless and sometimes criminal…”

…is how the BNP described the National Front in its Language and Concepts Discipline Manual, recently uploaded to Wikileaks.

Some excerpts:

Because of the inflammatory nature of this issue, as well as the party’s past, it is best to simply never speak or write of Jews at all. It is especially important not to use them as a clumsy code word for other things: if you really mean ‘American imperial ambitions in the Middle East’ or ‘the treasonous propensities of international financiers,’ then simple truthfulness requires that you say so.

Hmm…”international financiers,” indeed. Is that coded language I smell?

Same goes for ‘Zionism,’ which means the belief that Palestine belongs to the Jews and is not a general synonym for ‘Jews behaving badly.’

Coming to the BBC this June.

Racial and ethnic epithets and insults should never be used. If you just want to make trouble, join the National Front or some other psychologically twisted, politically useless and sometimes criminal organisation.

BNP activists and writers should never refer to ‘black Britons’ or ‘Asian Britons’ etc, for the simple reason that such persons do not exist. These people are ‘black residents’ of the UK etc, and are no more British than an Englishman living in Hong Kong is Chinese. Collectively, foreign residents of other races should be referred to as ‘racial foreigners’, a non-pejorative term that makes clear the distinction needing to be drawn. The key in such matters is above all to maintain necessary distinctions while avoiding provocation and insult.

I can’t imagine that being insulting, can you?

The correct term for the native inhabitants of these isles is ‘actually British,’ as opposed to foreigners who inaccurately claim this status.

The BNP is not a ‘hate group’ and does not ‘hate’ anybody, with the possible exception of members of the ‘corrupt, treasonous’ political establishment. We merely believe that certain foreign persons do not have the moral right to reside in this country.


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