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White supremacist gunman James W. von Brunn had links to BNP

White supremacist gunman James W. von Brunn had links to BNP

The white supremacist gunman who shot dead a guard at the Holocaust museum in Washington D.C. had attended meetings of the American Friends of the British National Party, it emerged today.

James W. von Brunn, an avowed anti-Semite, burst into the museum in the American capital and fired a rifle, killing Stephen Tyrone Johns, a security guard.

Todd Blodgett, a former White House aide who worked as an informant within white supremacist groups, said today that Mr von Brunn and his friend John de Nugent had attended meetings in Arlington County, Virginia, of the American Friends of the BNP. The organisation was set up to raise funds for the BNP but has since been disbanded.

Mr de Nugent wrote on his blog: “I have twice met Nick Griffin, the dynamic chairman of the British National Party.”

He added that he had “the gravest misgivings” about Mr Griffin allowing Jewish people to join the BNP, but said: “My hat is off to this fighting white man, Nick Griffin, for the incredible victories for White Britain which his hard work, rhino-thick skin against Jewsmedia criticism, and inspired leadership have made possible. It is not easy to be a leader; it is lonely, as they say, at the top. Hail the white leader, Nick Griffin!”

Andrew Brons: the genteel face of neo-fascism

Andrew Brons: the genteel face of neo-fascism

It was on Hitler’s birthday, deliberately chosen, that the National Socialist Movement was formed in Britain in the 1960s. It was the first political organisation of the far right that Andrew Brons, the newly-elected British National party MEP for Yorkshire and Humberside, was to join – but not the last.

The group that he signed up to as a teenager had been founded in honour of Hitler by the British fascist leader, the late Colin Jordan. No mention of this early political involvement features on the BNP’s website celebrating Brons’s victory. Instead, Brons is portrayed just as a “veteran British Nationalist”.

Brons, 61, comes from what might be described as the genteel wing of British neo-fascism. He lists William Cobbett, the radical journalist and author of Rural Rides, as his favourite historical person, the Pickwick Papers as his favourite book and Zelig as his favourite film. But his early associations with the far right were when it was at its most overtly racist and before it had started to try to present itself as just another political party.

The group he first joined included among its members people responsible for arson attacks on Jewish property and synagogues. According to the anti-fascist organisation Searchlight, which has been tracking his career for decades, Brons appears to have approved. In a letter to Jordan’s wife, Brons reported meeting an NSM member who “mentioned such activities as bombing synagogues”, to which Brons responded that “on this subject I have a dual view, in that I realise that he is well intentioned, I feel that our public image may suffer considerable damage as a result of these activities. I am however open to correction on this point.”

British National Party accused of hostile takeover of trade union

British National Party accused of hostile takeover of trade union

The British National Party has been accused of executing a “hostile takeover” of a trade union that subsequently accepted a £5,000 undeclared donation from Nick Griffin, the leader of the party.

Clive Potter, a founder of Solidarity, the nationalist trade union, told The Times that he and other members of its executive were ousted by allies of Mr Griffin because they wanted to remain independent of the BNP.

In documents to the Certification Office, the regulator of trade unions, former members of the executive claim that the union has been hijacked by “disaffected former officials and an outside political party”.

They said that the union had been subjected to “hostile attacks from unauthorised former officials and outside elements, namely the British National Party”. The split raises questions about Solidarity’s links to the BNP as it has been previously accused of, but has denied, being a front for the party. Many members also belong to the BNP and its president, Adam Walker, is a candidate for the party in the forthcoming European election.

Postal workers refuse to deliver BNP leaflets

Postal workers refuse to deliver BNP leaflets

Postal workers are refusing to deliver British National Party election leaflets because they object to its “right-wing rubbish”.

About 100 workers in the West Country have told union leaders that they will not carry the leaflets, which bear an anti-immigration message.

They have accused Royal Mail chiefs in Bristol and Somerset of “bullying”, with one office allegedly threatening workers with dismissal if they do not comply.

The Communication Workers Union says that Royal Mail is breaking a “conscience clause” agreed four years ago that allows staff to refuse to deliver literature they find offensive.

Dave Wilshire, spokesman for the Bristol and District Branch of the CWU, said: “Over the past 48 hours I’ve had around 32 calls from individual members and those speaking on behalf of groups, saying they don’t want to deliver the material.

“That is fair enough. The clause says members don’t have to deliver material if they feel threatened or if it is against their personal beliefs.

“In Bristol we have the St Paul’s area which has a very high density of those from ethnic backgrounds. Anyone being expected to post BNP stuff through there is going to feel at risk.

“Managers in Bristol are effectively bullying people.”

He added that it was “outrageous” that some had been threatened with losing their jobs.

“Psychologically twisted, politically useless and sometimes criminal…”

…is how the BNP described the National Front in its Language and Concepts Discipline Manual, recently uploaded to Wikileaks.

Some excerpts:

Because of the inflammatory nature of this issue, as well as the party’s past, it is best to simply never speak or write of Jews at all. It is especially important not to use them as a clumsy code word for other things: if you really mean ‘American imperial ambitions in the Middle East’ or ‘the treasonous propensities of international financiers,’ then simple truthfulness requires that you say so.

Hmm…”international financiers,” indeed. Is that coded language I smell?

Same goes for ‘Zionism,’ which means the belief that Palestine belongs to the Jews and is not a general synonym for ‘Jews behaving badly.’

Coming to the BBC this June.

Racial and ethnic epithets and insults should never be used. If you just want to make trouble, join the National Front or some other psychologically twisted, politically useless and sometimes criminal organisation.

BNP activists and writers should never refer to ‘black Britons’ or ‘Asian Britons’ etc, for the simple reason that such persons do not exist. These people are ‘black residents’ of the UK etc, and are no more British than an Englishman living in Hong Kong is Chinese. Collectively, foreign residents of other races should be referred to as ‘racial foreigners’, a non-pejorative term that makes clear the distinction needing to be drawn. The key in such matters is above all to maintain necessary distinctions while avoiding provocation and insult.

I can’t imagine that being insulting, can you?

The correct term for the native inhabitants of these isles is ‘actually British,’ as opposed to foreigners who inaccurately claim this status.

The BNP is not a ‘hate group’ and does not ‘hate’ anybody, with the possible exception of members of the ‘corrupt, treasonous’ political establishment. We merely believe that certain foreign persons do not have the moral right to reside in this country.

BNP says some members are oddballs and liars

BNP says some members are oddballs and liars

The British National party is urging its members not to set up official party blogs in the run-up to this year’s European elections because “they can’t write proper English” and “get carried away with conspiracy theories”, according to a leaked internal guide for senior party activists.

The handbook says that some BNP members are “oddballs”, “Walter Mitty characters”, “compulsive liars” and “born troublemakers”, and advises activists: “If you hear something odd or unpleasant about someone either forget about it or ask them about it to their face.”

Polling experts believe that the far-right party, led by Nick Griffin, has a chance of picking up its first seats in the European parliament in the June elections.

The handbook states that “while we cannot stop individuals using the internet … the BNP does not allow members or units to run websites or blogs which use the BNP logo or party name in their title, or which give the impression of being official BNP operations”. Instead, members are advised to “set up political sites which appear to be totally independent of any political party, including ours”.

BNP uses Polish Spitfire in anti-immigration poster

BNP uses Polish Spitfire in anti-immigration poster

The party’s 2009 European Elections poster shows a nostalgic picture of a Second World War fighter plane under the slogan “Battle for Britain”.

But RAF history experts have identified the iconic Romeo Foxtrot Delta Plane as belonging not to Britons but to a group of Polish pilots instead.

The plane was actually flown by the celebrated 303 Squadron of the RAF – made up of Polish airmen rescued from France shortly before Nazi occupation.


Xenophobia – ur doin it wrong.

Dame Vera Lynn takes on BNP over White Cliffs of Dover

Dame Vera Lynn takes on BNP over White Cliffs of Dover

The 91-year-old is said to be ‘furious’ after the BNP used the song, and another of her classics ‘All Alone in Vienna’, on the CD.

The ‘White Cliffs of Dover’ album, which sells for £4.95 and features a Spitfire on the front, states ‘Vera Lynn, Glen Miller and others produced the music by which the English-speaking world went to war from 1939 to 1945.

‘Here, recaptured in re-mastered glory, are the songs the soldiers sang from the deserts of North Africa to the beaches of Normandy. An unforgettable trip down memory lane.’

But Dame Vera has told her solicitor that the BNP had not approached her for approval for using two of her most famous songs on the album – proceeds of which help boost the BNP’s coffers.

Dame Vera Lynn, who lives in Ditchling, East Sussex, is in talks with her legal team about the album which is on sale at Excalibur – the BNP’s trading arm.

Her solicitor Nigel Angel said: “Her position is that the songs were included without her approval.

“She does not align with any political party.

Church of England Synod votes for BNP membership ban

Church of England Synod votes for BNP membership ban

The General Synod of the Church of England has voted overwhelmingly to back a motion calling for a prohibition on clergy and senior staff being members of the far-right British National Party.

The BNP is seen as one of a range of extreme groups sanctioning dangerous and racist policies, and has tried in the recent past to put on a Christian front.

Previously, Church of England and other church leaders have explicitly called for voters to shun the BNP during recent elections.

The motion was brought by Metropolitan Police civilian worker Vasantha Gnanadoss from the multiracial Diocese of Southwark, which covers south London and east Surrey.

It calls on bishops to formulate a comparable policy to the Association of Chief Police Officers’ ban on police membership of the BNP – and was backed by former Met commissioner Sir Ian Blair, himself an active Anglican.

Ms Gnanadoss said passing the motion would make it “much more difficult” for the BNP or other similar organisations to exploit the claim that they had support within the Church of England.

She added: “If supporting organisations like the BNP is inconsistent with Christian discipleship, it seems obvious that clergy and others who speak for the Church should not be members.”

BNP expects more arrests over leaked membership list

BNP expects more arrests over leaked membership list

A COUNCILLOR who was kicked out of the BNP has been arrested in connection with the leaking of the party’s membership list.

The Post understands Sadie Graham was one of two people arrested by Notts Police officers on Thursday.

A BNP spokesman has said he expects more arrests to be made in connection with the unauthorised publication of the list last month. NOv

Simon Darby, press officer and member of the BNP, said: “News of the arrests was good because right from the onset we were under the impression that the police were taking it very seriously and were going to do something about it.

“I’m pleased because this is just the start. We expect other arrests as well.
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“What people don’t understand is that anybody that has been using the list, even newspapers, have been committing a criminal offence.”

He added: “It is a shocking thing to do to publish the list.

“It’s caused a lot of needless worry, anxiety and upset.

“We have had our privacy violated and published everywhere. We want justice for our members.”

A police car with an officer inside was parked outside Ms Graham’s home in Church Lane, Brinsley, last night.

Police were today sifting through boxes of evidence seized from her home.

Officers packed the boxes from Graham’s terraced house into unmarked cars before leaving with a woman.

Coun Graham, now an independent nationalist at Broxtowe Borough Council, was dropped from the BNP in December last year.