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ACLU sues NC school system over recruiting access

ACLU sues NC school system over recruiting access

NORTH WILKESBORO, N.C. (AP) — The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit against a rural North Carolina school system that barred a peace activist from talking to high school students about alternatives to joining the military.

The lawsuit, filed Monday, says the Wilkes County school district and its superintendent violated the First Amendment by preventing Sally Ferrell from distributing pamphlets and other materials that warn students to think twice before joining the military.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Ferrell and Bill Towe, director of N.C. Peace Action.

“We’ve tried to find another alternative to bringing this lawsuit,” Katherine Parker, legal director of the ACLU’s North Carolina chapter, said Tuesday. “They just will not compromise.”

The legal group is asking a judge to issue an injunction to allow Ferrell, a member of N.C. Peace Action, to distribute the materials and give her the same access to students as military recruiters who are allowed in the schools.

One in four children bullied because of religion

One in four children bullied because of religion

One in four young people from across all religions are being bullied because of their religious beliefs.

That is finding of a report by Beatbullying, the UK’s leading bullying prevention charity, published today.

The findings will contribute to concerns that faith schools are fuelling serration on the basis of faith. The report also addressed the bullying of atheists.

“There is little or no support, few outlets and limited provision provided for young people to talk about their faith. Almost half of young people do not talk about religious or faith issues at all” the report says.

“Religion, faith or perceived faith background arguably mediates peer relationships and interactions. 1 in 5 young people report friendships with people largely from the same religious background, arguably indicating a level of segregation and religious intolerance” the report continues.

The initiative, Beatbullying, which produced the report runs Interfaith bullying prevention programmes, funded by the Government, to divert the behaviour of those using faith as a reason to bully their peers.

These programmes have been proven to reduce incidences of faith based bullying by 45% in participating schools. In fact, 84% of young people who graduated the programmes, who were bullied before, report that they are no longer being bullied.