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The neo-Nazi ‘asylum seekers’

The neo-Nazi ‘asylum seekers’

They looked like a pair of cranks straight out of a Louis Theroux documentary.

One was an unrepentant woman hater whose racist and anti-Semitic views were too hard-line even for the British National Party.

The other, his long-haired sidekick, sought the protection of a pseudonym that he used to make extremist rants.

Their hunger to stir up controversy saw them flee from justice in the north of England and stage an unlikely claim for political asylum in Los Angeles.

But their journey has now ended with jail sentences in the UK.

Jurors at Leeds Crown Court decided neo-Nazis Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle were not just harmless oddballs, but dangerous propagandists dedicated to whipping up racism.

On Friday, Sheppard was jailed for four years, 10 months and Whittle for two years, four months.

In a landmark case, they have become the first Britons to be convicted of inciting racial hatred online, having printed leaflets and controlled websites featuring racist material.


London’s Metropolitan Police accused of waterboarding suspects

London’s Metropolitan Police accused of waterboarding suspects

Metropolitan Police officers subjected suspects to waterboarding, according to allegations at the centre of a major anti-corruption inquiry, The Times has learnt.

The torture claims are part of a wide-ranging investigation which also includes accusations that officers fabricated evidence and stole suspects’ property. It has already led to the abandonment of a drug trial and the suspension of several police officers.

However, senior policing officials are most alarmed by the claim that officers in Enfield, North London, used the controversial CIA interrogation technique to simulate drowning. Scotland Yard is appointing a new borough commander in Enfield in a move that is being seen as an attempt by Sir Paul Stephenson, the Met Commissioner, to enforce a regime of “intrusive supervision”.

The waterboarding claims will fuel the debate about police conduct that has raged in the wake of hundreds of public complaints of brutality at the anti-G20 protests in April.

The part of the inquiry focusing on alleged police brutality has been taken over by the Independent Police Complaints Commission. It is examining the conduct of six officers connected to drug raids in November in which four men and a woman were arrested at addresses in Enfield and Tottenham. Police said they found a large amount of cannabis and the suspects were charged with importation of a Class C drug. The case was abandoned four months later when the Crown Prosecution Service said it would not have been in the public interest to proceed. It is understood that the trial, by revealing the torture claims, would have compromised the criminal investigation into the six officers.

We who sowed hate share blame in killing of abortion doctor

We who sowed hate share blame in killing of abortion doctor

My late father and I share part of the blame for the murder of Dr. George Tiller, the abortion doctor gunned down on Sunday.

Until I got out of the religious right (in the mid-1980s) and repented of my former hate-filled rhetoric, I was both a leader of the so-called pro-life movement and a part of a Republican Party hate machine masquerading as the moral conscience of America.

In the late 1970s, my father, evangelical pro-life leader Francis Schaeffer, along with Dr. C. Everett Koop (who soon become surgeon general in the Reagan administration) went on the road with me, taking the documentary anti-abortion film series I produced and directed to the evangelical public. The series and companion book eventually brought millions of heretofore nonpolitical evangelical Americans into the anti-abortion crusade.

In the early ’80s, my father followed up with a book that sold over a million copies and which, in certain passages, advocated force if all other methods for rolling back the abortion ruling of Roe v. Wade failed. He compared America and its legalized abortion to Hitler’s Germany and said that whatever tactics would have been morally justified in removing Hitler would be justified in trying to stop abortion. I said the same thing in a best-selling book I wrote.

Like many writers of moral/political/religious theories, my father and I would have been shocked that someone took us at our word, walked into a Lutheran Church and pulled the trigger on an abortionist. But even if the murderer never read Dad’s or my words, we helped create the climate that made this murder likely to happen. In fact, it has happened before. In 1994, Dr. John Bayard Britton and one of his volunteer escorts were shot and killed outside an abortion clinic in Pensacola, Fla., by Paul Hill, a former minister and an avid follower of my father’s.

Rep. Virginia Foxx Dishonored Matthew Shepard’s Death On The House Floor

U.S. judges admit to jailing children for money

U.S. judges admit to jailing children for money

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) – Two judges pleaded guilty on Thursday to accepting more than $2.6 million from a private youth detention centre in Pennsylvania in return for giving hundreds of youths and teenagers long sentences.

Judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan of the Court of Common Pleas in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, entered plea agreements in federal court in Scranton admitting that they took payoffs from PA Childcare and a sister company, Western PA Childcare, between 2003 and 2006.

“Your statement that I have disgraced my judgeship is true,” Ciavarella wrote in a letter to the court. “My actions have destroyed everything I worked to accomplish and I have only myself to blame.”

Conahan, who along with Ciavarella faces up to seven years in prison, did not make any comment on the case.

When someone is sent to a detention centre, the company running the facility receives money from the county government to defray the cost of incarceration. So as more children were sentenced to the detention centre, PA Childcare and Western PA Childcare received more money from the government, prosecutors said.

Teenagers who came before Ciavarella in juvenile court often were sentenced to detention centres for minor offences that would typically have been classified as misdemeanours, according to the Juvenile Law Centre, a Philadelphia nonprofit group.

Paging Mr. Dickens…

Migrant Worker Decapitated in Russia

Migrant Worker Decapitated in Russia

MOSCOW — The police in Moscow are investigating the ghastly murder of a Central Asian migrant worker, who was stabbed several times and decapitated in an apparent attack by ultranationalists.

The severed head of the victim, a citizen of Tajikistan, was discovered in a dumpster on Wednesday wrapped in a plastic bag, the press service for the investigative wing of the Prosecutor General’s Office said.

Investigators say the victim and another Tajik migrant worker were attacked last Saturday after they left work at a food warehouse just south of Moscow. The newspaper Kommersant cited unnamed police sources, who said the murder victim was Salekh Azizov, 20, from the city of Vidnoe, also south of Moscow. The second Tajik worker was able to escape, but was hospitalized with injuries, according to the investigators.

An obscure group calling itself the Militant Organization of Russian Nationalists announced it was responsible for the killing in an email sent to two human rights organizations that monitor hate crimes in Russia. The email also included a photo of the victim’s decapitated head.

Jail for neo-Nazi terror offender

Jail for neo-Nazi terror offender

A neo-Nazi found with bomb-making materials at his flat and who harassed a mixed-race couple has been jailed for more than seven years.

Grimsby Crown Court heard Nathan Worrell, 35, had bomb ingredients and far-right propaganda at the property.

A jury found him guilty of possession of material for terrorist purposes and of racially aggravated harassment.

Terror police described Worrell, from Grimsby, as a “dangerous individual who harbours extreme anti-Semitic views”.

Neo Nazi’s ‘racist campaign’ against mixed-race couple

Neo Nazi’s ‘racist campaign’ against mixed-race couple

A neo-Nazi waged a racist campaign against a couple because they were mixed race, a court heard today.

Nathan Worrell, 35, is accused of hoarding bomb-making manuals and materials and waging a racist campaign against a mixed-race couple who lived nearby.

Books and manuals containing “recipes” to make bombs and detonators using household items such as weedkiller, lighter fluid and sugar were found by police at the defendant’s flat in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, a jury at Grimsby Crown Court heard.

Sweden : Nazis tried to murder union organizer & their child

Sweden : Nazis tried to murder union organizer & their child

In 1999 nazis murdered the syndicalist Björn Söderberg, now they tried it again. Two syndicalists from stockholm – one of them ex boardmembers in the stockholm LS union – and their 3 year old daughter was forced to climb out of their balcony on the third floor from their aparatement as nazis put fire to their home.

The union members had before the attack been threathened by the nazi website Info-14. The Nazis behind Info-14 is the same people that arranges the yearly Nazimarch in Salem.

Around 2100 monday 1 of december our members heard a splashing sound from the hallway.

I saw someone pouring a clear liquid through the mailbox opening in the door and understood by the smell that it was gasoline. I screamed so loud that I am sure they heard it that we have children in here, only seconds later someone ignited the gasoline

In the Hallway the familys winter clothings were hanging, and it took only seconds before the fire spread out of control and into the kitchen and living room. To get out through the main door was impossible now.

We managed to lower our daughter down unto our neighbours balcony below, we live on the third floor and had we dropped her she would have died.

The couple climbed afterward down the same way. behind them the fire was out fo control burning their personal belongings, memories and future plans.

Our members and their daughter came from it without being wounded, but it does not change the fact that someone coldbloodied executed a plan to take their lives.

Six months ago, the Nazi website Info-14 publicated names and pictures of our members.

The police work out of the theory that the murder attempt was politically motivated, and executed by the same people that tw odays earlier burned down the open socialist culture (Community) center Cyclopen in Högdalen. The charge the police has is arson and attempt of murder with fire.

Our members have through their union worked for antiracism and removal of class differences, for this the Nazis decided to sentence them to death.

Evil paedos are secret BNP thugs

Evil paedos are secret BNP thugs :

TWO paedophiles jailed for sex attacks on schoolgirls last week are named on the leaked list of British National Party members, we can reveal.

Perverts Ian Richard Hindle, 32, and Andrew Paul Wells, 49, plied two 14-year-olds with alcohol before subjecting them to sickening abuse.

Both men appear on a 12,000 strong BNP membership roll, alongside police officers, soldiers, doctors, prison officers—and even vicars.

The sex beasts’ membership will bring further shame to the far-right party.